223 | Astrology for Parenting with Tara Vogel

223 | Astrology for Parenting with Tara Vogel

Join Angela and guest Tara Vogel in this episode: Astrology for Parenting.
Angela and Tara have a beautiful conversation about how astrology - understating your natal chart and your children's natal chart - can really help you on your parenting journey in understanding your children and yourself, helping you to cultivate the best relationship possible with your kids.

Learn more about:
o How wanting the best environment for her daughter to honor her unique journey ultimately led Tara to astrology
o Natal charts as instruction books for understanding our children
?>o Sun signs and how they might influence the way someone parents
o Moon signs and the importance of taking care of and nurturing yourself first
o Consciousness of parents as a key predictor of how a child navigates their own life's challenges
o Simple practices for parents to nurture and support themselves based on their moon sign

Tara Vogel is an astrologer for parents, a mom, and a former teacher turned parenting coach. Reporting on what's happening in the sky with the moon, she helps make others' parenting life a bit easier. Taking the knowledge of a mother's birth chart along with their child's birth chart, Tara helps her coaching clients figure out the best way to honor each soul's special path and tailor parenting for each child. She teaches that when you tune into the wisdom of Luminary Parenting, life begins to feel simpler and easier!
Connect with Tara Vogel:
Website - https://www.luminaryparenting.com/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/luminaryparenting/
How To Parent Yourself and Your Kids As the Moon Moves Through the Zodiac Signs - https://luminaryparenting.lpages.co/reparent-ebook/

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