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    Sam Heughan Reveals His Favorite Hollywood Chris & His respond Is Getting Attention!

    Sam Heughan Reveals His Favorite Hollywood Chris & His Answer Is Getting Attention!

    Fans are loving Sam Heughan‘s answer to a question about his favorite Hollywood “Chris.”
    If you don’t know, there’s a constant debate about the best Chris in Hollywood with names like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt often involved.
    During an interview with InStyle, Sam was asked “Favorite Hollywood Chris?” He actually misheard the question and repeated, “Hollywood curse?”
    When he got clarification, he then responded with his answer. He said, “Christina Aguilera.”
    Chris Pratt actually once revealed his choice for Favorite Hollywood Chris. Find out who he said was his choice for the prize.
    Sound off in the comments with your choice for favorite Hollywood Chris!